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07.09 – 01.10.2017


With Josh Berry, Paul Branca, Adam Hennessey, Sheila Rennic
Présenté par Maïwen En-Nana et Pierre Poumet

(C’est une belle journée de janvier, il fait très froid et les arbres sont nus. Dans un bus, quelque part dans l’est de Londres, une mère raconte une histoire à son fils.)

« – Have you ever heard the story of Mrs Pig Bulk?
– No ! I haven’t !
– Would you like to hear it ?
– (excited) Yes !!
– It’s about three little pigs who love ketchup so much, they’re really crazy about it ! They put it on everything! Not just on chips or fries, but also on carrots and even on muffins !
– (disgusted) Yeurk !
– I know.. And their mother was so annoyed, because it was so bad for them.. Guess what she did ?
– …
– She bought a big jar of Ketchup ! A huge one ! And she served them just Ketchup for a week! Only Ketchup !


Adam Hennessey
Sheila Rennic